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Welcome to Trade Hornet!

We are a tight knit community of traders and educators who specialize in trading options and shares. We utilize and teach many diverse strategies whether its scalping, day trading, swing trading, or collecting weekly premium income.

We value other trader’s success and want to help you achieve your financial goals and become successful.  We understand how difficult it can be to become a consistent profitable trader and with that reason in mind we created a diverse Trading Community with hungry, fun members of all experience levels alongside our proven successful analysts and educators.

We wanted to create this community to become your ONE stop shop to learn and achieve all your trading goals.

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Education & Fundamentals

LEARN then Earn! We teach the fundamentals of trading and reading the market as a new trader as well as provide continuous education for all experience levels.

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Analysis & Guidance

We are constantly reviewing the markets and helping with analysis for our students and members.  We also provide real-time alerts for all trading strategies.

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Huge Success

Enjoy the success many of our members have seen as they’ve created a secondary or primary income stream.

Easiest $9,800 of my life honestly… I’ve always made money the hard way… this feels great!

Transport_King (Gold Tier Member)

What a great group! I was trading alone for a few years and then was introduced to Trade Hornet! This isn’t some only alerts, non interactive group. The team really teaches and instructs as we go. They are invested in the success of all the members, literally DM’ing us weekly to try to help with things. There’s also weekly member mentorships we get included that pays for the membership alone! Thanks again guys.

Houdini (Gold Tier Member)

Signing up for the Trade Hornet Discord and Day Trading class is one of the best decisions I ever made.  JimmysFaith is a great Instructor.  Very helpful and will go the extra mile to be available throughout the day ready to answer any questions I may have.

AL_10886 (Gold Tier Member)
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