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Auto Trader FAQ Section


  • What is Auto Trader?
      • It gives a trader the ability to link their own brokerage account to another trader in order to follow their strategy and automate their trades in just about real time without having to place the trades themself.  The trader still fully controls their own account and can implement their own risk management, as well.  This creates less stress and more free time for the trader. 
  • What is @JimmysFaith Strategy mean?
      • This refers to the strategy the auto trader would be following.  In this case it is plugged into JimmysFaith trade strategy.  So the member would be following along with all trades executed in that strategy by JimmysFaith. 
  • Can I use any brokerage account for this?
      • No, as the auto trader integration only allows certain brokerages to function with this we have chosen one that is well known and supports US and international customers. Upon signup for the membership you will get detailed instructions on what you need to get setup.  Having a separate dedicated account for this membership is highly recommend as well. 
  • You mentioned “just about real time” for Auto Trader, what does that mean?
      • It means that if you are following the strategy trades are not executing in exact real time as it needs to go from one brokerage to another.  The time is less that a half a second that the trade will get executed on your account coming from the main strategy account. 
  •  What if I have questions or issues around my Auto Trade membership?
      • If you have questions specific to the Trade Hornet Auto Trader membership than you can email us at  If you are an existing Trade Hornet Discord Community member than please reach out to our Admin @MarcetMoves 
  • Do I control my own brokerage account?
      • Yes, we do not have any control over your account whatsoever.  Once you connect your brokerage account through our 3rd party software you would just be following the strategy and trades associated with that.  We do not have any access to your account and can not see what’s in your account.
  • Do I have to be logged in or at my computer or phone to trade?
      • No, thats the beauty of this membership!  You get to follow live trades without having to press a button.  We do all the work in trading our strategy and if your following along the software will do the rest.
  • You mentioned 3rd party software, are there any additional fees besides the Trade Hornet Auto Trader membership?
      • Yes, you will need to pay a $49 monthly 3rd party software fee that DOES NOT go to us in order to have your own dashboard and ability to link brokerage to our strategy.  We have discounted our own monthly Auto Trader membership fee down by the exact amount you will pay to that platform to account for it. 
      • We are working to get this charge FREE per month for lifetime for you but there are some requirements which we need to meet first.  This includes a 1 month billing cycle complete and profitable month for you, first!  Again, we will not charge a 1st month Trade Hornet fee until $300 profit is met, which will cover your 1st month and a C2 $49 charge.
  • Can you advise me on how to manage my own account?
      • No, we are NOT financial advisors and can not tell you how to manage your own account.  Each traders level of experience and risk tolerance is different.  We are managing our own strategy and how we follow our own rules.  You can follow along at your own risk and understanding if you so choose. 
  • How do I handle my taxes?
      • Just as you would normally when trading.  Like we said you own and manage your brokerage we do not.  It would be no different than you trading the account yourself.  If you have further tax questions we advise you to talk to a tax professional.
  • How do I cancel my Trade Hornet Auto Trader membership?
      • We would be sad to see you go and give up your exclusive spot within the team but if you really need to cancel you can do so on your own dashboard within the Trade Hornet website ( ).  As per your signup agreement you have a 30 day cancellation period Your username and password are what you created when signing up for auto trader.  If you have any issues email us at
      • If you do not pay/skip/block your final payment, it WILL automatically go to collections and will effect your credit score.
  • Are my existing Trade Hornet Discord Community membership and my Trade Hornet Auto Trader memberships linked together?
      • No, these are two different membership agreements with Trade Hornet.  You need to manage and handle them separately for billing, cancellations and website login. 
  • I see a create username and password field on the checkout page but I already have a Trade Hornet Discord Membership?
      • These are completely different as you see above.  Auto Trader is not a discord membership so you need to create a secondary username and password for Auto Trader.  It can be whatever you want.  You will only need it to login to the Trade Hornet Website to update any of your Auto Trader billing or account details only.
  • When will I be charged my first Trade Hornet monthly subscription if I signed up during the introductory promo period?
      • In order for you to be charged the Trade Hornet Monthly subscription fee, the strategy must accrue at least $300 in one month (before commission) or you will NOT be charged that month.  This will continue until the strategy reaches this $ threshold monthly. Once that amount per month is achieved you WILL be charged for the monthly fee in your upcoming billing cycle automatically. We want you to be FREE until Trade Hornet JimmysFaith Auto Trader Strategy is successful.  Note:  This only applies to the ” introductory ” coupon and continuous active members. 
  • What is the account size that the strategy starts with?
      • Our strategy will start with $1,000 in our broker account to begin to grow and follow a detailed strategy guidelines.  Adding in more money than that does not change the potential profit amount.

Have additional questions?  If so please find @MarcetMoves in the Trade Hornet Discord Community or email us at


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